05-436 / 05-836 / 08-534 / 08-734 Usable Privacy and Security

Course readings

The following selected readings are organized by topic area. Students in this course are expected to do the required readings listed in the course syllabus. In addition, the following readings may be used to fulfill optional reading requirements and to find related work when preparing course presentations and projects. Additional readings will be added throughout the semester. [This list also includes the required course readings.]


Motivation, models, and approaches

HCI methods and experimental design

Research papers that describe interview and focus group studies

Research papers that describe field studies

Research papers that describe laboratory studies

Many of the other papers on this page also describe lab studies. These are just a few that do a particularly good job explaining their study methodology or have something particularly interesting about their study methodology.

Security and threat modeling



Privacy in mobile and ubiquitous computing

Privacy policies

Web browser privacy and security


Trust and semantic attacks

User education


Text Passwords

Authentication Questions

Graphical Passwords


Access control and policy management

Tools for security administration

PKIs and secure communication

Device pairing

Other resources