July 15-17, 2009
Mountain View, CA


Call for participation





Symposium On Usable Privacy and Security


SOUPS 2009 is being organized by the CMU Usable Privacy and Security Laboratory (CUPS), with funding provided by Carnegie Mellon CyLab. SOUPS 2009 will be hosted by Google and held in cooperation with ACM SIGCHI.

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Steering Committee

General Chair:
Lorrie Cranor, Carnegie Mellon University

Interactive and In-depth Sessions Co-Chairs:
Konstantin Beznosov, University of British Columbia
Ka-Ping Yee,

Posters Co-Chairs:
Dirk Balfanz, Google
Rob Miller, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Technical Papers Co-Chairs:
Simson L. Garfinkel, Naval Postgraduate School
Andrew Patrick, National Research Council Canada

Local Activities Chair
Luke Kowalski, Oracle

Technical Papers Committee

Steven Bellovin, Columbia University
Robert Biddle, Carleton University
Jose Brustoloni, University of Pittsburgh
L. Jean Camp, Indiana University
Bill Cheswick, AT&T Research
Rachna Dhamija, Usable Security Systems
Roger Dingledine, The Tor Project
Carl Ellison, Microsoft
Harry Hochheiser, Towson University
Markus Jakobsson, PARC
Audun Jøsang, University of Oslo
Clare-Marie Karat, IBM
Rob Miller, MIT
Rob Reeder, Microsoft
Karen Renaud, University of Glasgow
Angela Sasse, University College London
Stuart Schechter, Microsoft
Diana Smetters, PARC
Paul Van Oorschot, Carleton University
Hao-Chi Wong, Intel
Mary Ellen Zurko, IBM

Registration and Arrangements

Jennifer Lucas
phone: (412) 268-9870
email: jmlucas AT cs DOT cmu DOT edu


SOUPS 2009 is sponsored by Carnegie Mellon CyLab and Google.