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Privacy decision making

While most people claim to be very concerned about their privacy, they do not consistently take actions to protect it. Web retailers detail their information practices in their privacy policies, but most of the time this information remains invisible to consumers. Our research focuses on understanding how individuals make privacy-related decisions, finding ways to make privacy information more usable to consumers, and using soft-paternalism to provide privacy nudges. CUPS researchers developed a "nutrition label" for privacy and a search engine for bank privacy policies. We are also studying user attitudes about privacy on social networks, privacy for mobile apps, and as the usability and effectiveness of online tracking opt-out tools. Our Personalized Privacy Assistant Project aims to develop intelligent agents capable of learning the privacy preferences of their users over time, semi-automatically configuring many settings, and making many privacy decisions on their behalf. Our Usable Privacy Policy Project is developing approaches to extracting information from natural-language privacy policies and displaying that information in useful ways for users.

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