17-290 / 19-211 Computers and Society

Homework 5 - due March 29, 2007

Reading assignment:
Quinn 8.5
The Wireless Primer
What Ails Broadband?
Broadband Overview

 Q1. Which is the bigger challenge for broadband providers Peer-2-Peer (P2P) or Internet Video?  Explain. 


Q2. Should broadband access providers be allowed to limit P2P usage? Make legal, ethical, or business arguments for or against this. You might find the following article helpful or interesting:

Net Neutrality Debate Remains Contentious (InformationWeek)


Q2 forms the basis for Debate 5, which deals with broadband access and applications. 


Pie-in-the-sky Networks is an emerging wireless broadband provider, and it offers discounted broadband for underserved US areas (discounted relative to existing options!).  It uses WiMax based technologies, and will soon offer mobile phone service as well.  However, its terms of service indicate that their users are not allowed to operate VoIP (Voice over IP).  Should this be allowed or not allowed?  You are an outsider called to present to a Town Hall meeting called by the FCC (the US regulator).

Debate will be held March 29, 2007