Alpha and Omega

October 9, 2008

Inspired by an Icon: The Alpha is the Omega.

Inspired by Heraclitus and Aristotle: When a tadpole becomes a frog, does the tadpole still exist? There is no longer a tadpole; in that sense, the tadpole clearly does not exist anymore. On the other hand, the creature which was the tadpole remains, having undergone a metamorphosis.

Inspired by Tonight's Dialogue:

We are first born. We then renew and are reborn. The process of birth is excruciating and yet is somehow beautiful. From one to two, from woman to both child and mother. Through the blood is created both the child and the bond between child and mother.

The plow tears asunder the earth, and the destruction of the soil enables it to give rise to new life. Through the destruction we find creation. The grain arises from its earthen tomb to bask in the sunlight.

The fire scorches the forest, and from the burnt ashes new vegetation emerges.