Living as Art

January 22, 2007

We should not live as an art project. Art, in its most cruel form, depicts the worst aspects of life without an acknowledgment of how bad they are. It is at once overly complex and too sterile.

If our life imitates art, we cease to play upon the subtleties that the brush of Monet and the chisel of Michelangelo missed. This rarefied, beautiful hollow abstraction of vivacious living is at once both overly dramatic in presentation and superficial in its treatment.

It is a cybernetic existence in an age of poor machine craft: forgoing a true life for this symbiosis with perception.

Turn away that perfect brush-stroke grin and give me a smile. A real smile alone occurs on a mouth that has frowned, fell flat, and cried out. And this is why that real smile is beautiful.