Valet Keys

July 21, 2008

This is a great example of how many security features work.

Valet keys are copies of keys that operate a vehicle, but they don't open the glove compartment or sometimes the trunk. Perhaps you've seen them.

The idea behind these keys is that you can give your keys to a valet without worrying about whether that valet can rummage through your personal belongings and steal from the glove compartment. That sounds reasonable, right?

Sadly, like so many security features, this is more feel-good placebo than anything else. Think about it. You've just trusted this complete stranger with your keys and allowed him to drive off in your car. You're probably planning to give him a tip for doing so. If he wanted to steal not only the glove compartment but also the entire remainder of the vehicle as well, he's quite well equipped to do so.