On Salient Days

May 23, 2008

It appears that we have days which are salient, and days which are mundane. The salient days are the days when we make grand strides in our standing, achieve long-sought objectives, or obtain those things which we have long sought.

The salient days stand out in our mind as especially noteworthy and wonderful. The mundane days come and go, passing one into another without a milestone to mark them. The two sorts of days, at first glance, appear quite distinct, the former far more desirable and rare than the latter.

However, in many cases, the mundane days are prerequisites for the salient ones. The day of receiving the acceptance letter to the college of your dreams is certainly salient; but it is only obtained by dedicating countless mundane days to the laborious pursuit of one's studies. No doubt, the athletes who win championships have spent many days outside of the crowd's roar, working out and practicing.

In this way, the mundane days lay the groundwork and foundation for the salient. The mundane sow the seeds, and the salient days reap the crop which has long been cultivated by the mundane.