Behold the Day

January 31, 2006

In the mornings we see the sun, ascending into the sky. Birds fill the air and the light beings to glow. A hope, a promise -- the sun carries with it some hope for a glorious new day. The day brings potential and possibility -- it brings a hope that this day will be better than yesterday. The morning sky begins to hum with a warmth and radiance, as though the day were beginning to take stride, some runner starting now on the first leg of his run, ready to encounter whatever he may as he travels.

Not the static consequence of another yesterday, but the bright hope of a new tomorrow does the day promise from beyond its clouded veil. This day, we think, the world may hum in accord with us -- this day we may find in ourselves that which we have sought. No old dew does sit atop the blades of grass, but rather new and fresh droplets adorn those underfoot crops. Here we find novelty and in it, something exciting.

And we can exult to see that the footprints we left behind yesterday are still firm in the mud-heaped earth, a reminder of that path we did tread, a reminder that today is not the only chance we will have. And a reminder, too, that celerity is to our advantage, for the day shall end just as it began, with the sun hovering just over the horizon.