Sympathy for the Snake

February 1, 2006

And of free will? That, too, is some beast, raging and burning. It exults in the glow of our feast, yet hides from our cold. Oh, but do the birds not express in their sweet song a greater joy than man can know? Oh, damn that fruit of consciousness! Oh, that apple! We stand, aware of our imperfections and our flaws, aware that our fate is our own, and that nothing is destiny.

Oh, happy birds, never having devoured that fruit! Oh, joyful stream, cascading down the land in your exultation! Never do you seek a shelter from the concerns of life, for to you there is life without concern. Those beaks of yours -- they have never partaken of that wretched fruit -- they have never caused this corruption, with daily concern and irrational fear. What a happy existence you lead, oh you who has the sky as a playground.

And yet, I do wonder. Was it that the Snake gave to Adam and Eve that fruit as some cruel, cruel act upon their flesh? Did that beast give unto them that fruit to ruin them or their kin? Did Diabolus bring them that fruit in order to curse their lot? And for his deed against man was the devil condemned?

Or maybe, maybe that was no devil but rather Prometheus himself! Perhaps that devil's crime was against God and not man! Perhaps that devil stole that which was sacred from the Divine, and brought that divine shard down to unworthy man. Perhaps the damnation of the devil grew from treachery against God, by stealing that consciousness and forcing that gift upon man, remaking man in God's image.