The Spirit of Competition

February 27, 2007

Today, in the Purdue Memorial Union, there was a contest in which I participated. Competition is a process which leads to the betterment of self and society, and I am proud to have stood among Olympians and Athletes to test my mettle among the finest. That's right -- today was a hamburger eating contest.

When having lunch with some friends at a burger joint today, we were asked to sign up for a Hamburger Eating Contest. I asked how much the entry fee was, and was informed that it was free. Since the contest was to begin around dinner time anyway, I decided to sign up.

The contest saw me and my fellow competitors seated at a bar. A full tray of ten hamburgers was placed before us, as was a glass of water and a bottle of ketchup. Then the contest began. On both sides of me, competitors voraciously devoured their burgers, backs arched, perched over their targets.

I savored my burgers and sipped my water. The contest lasted ten minutes, time enough to eat enough for my dinner. With around three minutes left, I decided that I was full and sat back, content to sip my water. The competitor next to me asked if I had just entered for the free dinner, to which I responded in the affirmative.

So, at the end of the contest, I found myself in last place. The winner, who had eaten nine of his ten hamburgers, was given a free meal each week until the end of the semester. My prize? I got to take home the rest of my uneaten burgers -- a better prize than second place.