Hope and Fear

August 23, 2006

There is no time like transition for the best and the worst. In stasis, while our lives and situations are stable, we may enjoy things or not enjoy things, but at least there is a reasonable expectation of what is to come. We are not surprised often.

It is in beginning a new venture that we find the most hope and the most fear. Perhaps the first day of school will bring terror. Perhaps, rather, it will bring good new friends and opportunities. In transitional times we are most vulnerable to change, since we are at that time most at the mercy of unknown or uncalculated forces. Surely, there are more surprises the first time we step into a river than the ninth.

Ultimately, hope and fear are both agents of transformation and change. They both serve to remind us that things can always get better and that things can always get worse. Transformation and change opens us up to both.