Chaos in the Mind of Two Rooms

September 17, 2006

Do you want to understand chaos? Then just observe your room. Entropy creeps in -- with no thought or intent, your room becomes more and more messy. You can stem back the tide of chaos by cleaning your room; this provides a temporary reprieve, but the messiness will come again. That is entropy -- that is the nature of the universe. Your room never cleans itself and organizes itself, but it does find ways to make itself into a mess again.

And do you think that your mind is somehow different? No, the mind is in states of chaos and order itself. The ordered mind is directed and driven behind a single purpose. It puts the entire weigh of its being behind a single task. This is organization -- the direction of the many towards a single task. Yet so too can the mind become disorganized. The many thoughts one has can draw one in a myriad of directions -- and one going in many directions at once is one going nowhere. The mind, as with the room, must be organized in order to work properly.