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contact information

Contact information may include name, address, phone number, email address, or other online or physical contact information.


Cookies or mechanisms that perform similar functions. A cookie is a small text file that a website can place on your computer's hard drive to collect information about your activities on the site or to allow the site to remember information about you and your activities.

demographic information

Demographic information may include social and economic categories that apply to you, such as your gender, age, income, or where you are from.

financial information

Financial information may include your accounts, balances, and transactions.

health information

Health information may include data about your medical condition or your interest in health-related topics, services, or products.


Contacting you through means other than telephone (for example, email or postal mail) to market services or products.

other companies

Most companies share data with business partners who only use your information to provide the services you requested. This cateogory describes sites that share with other companies that use your information beyond fulfilling your requests.


Preferences may include Information about:

  • Your tastes or interests
  • Which groups you might be a member of such as religious organizations, trade unions, and political parties


Collecting information about you in order to:

  • Do research and analysis
  • Make decisions that directly affect you, such as to display ads based on your activity on the site.

Information that the site collects about you may be linked to an anonymous ID code, or may be linked to your identity.

provide service and maintain site

Collecting information to provide the service you requested, to customize the site for your current visit, to perform web site and system maintenance, or to enhance, evaluate, or otherwise review the site, but without connecting any information to you.

public forums

A public area, such as a bulletin board, chat room, or directory.

purchasing information

Information about your purchases may include the payment methods you used.

social security number & govt ID

Includes government-issued identifiers such as your social security number.


Contacting you by telephone to market services or products.

your activity on this site

Tracking your activity, includes:

  • Which pages you visited on this web site and how long you stayed at each page
  • Activities you engaged in at this web site, such as your searches and transactions

Messages you sent to the company or post on this site, such as email, bulletin board postings, or chat room conversations

your location

Collect information about your exact geographic location, such as data transmitted by your GPS-enabled device.