05-436 / 05-836 / 08-534 / 08-734 / 19-534 / 19-734 Usable Privacy and Security

Homework 9

Print your homework out and submit it in person at the start of class (3:00pm) on Monday, May 1. Homework will not be accepted after 3:00pm on that day.

Part 1 (100 points):

Identify a folk model of security or privacy that includes an inaccurate model that results in users making poor decisions or failing to take precautions that would be in their best interest. This may be a folk model discussed in a paper you have read or that you have observed in practice.

Come up with an approach to help teach users a more accurate model or guide them to take precautions or make better decisions despite this model. This may take the form of a web page, poster, video, software, game etc.

Part 2 (9-unit students should not do this part. 12-unit students will receive between 0 and 75 points for this part): Write a 3--7 sentence summary and short "highlight" for one optional reading assigned for the April 12, April 17, April 24, April 26, and May 1 classes.