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Homework 8

Print your homework out and submit it in person at the start of class (3:00pm) on Monday, April 10. Homework will not be accepted after 3:00pm on that day.

Part 1 (100 points):

The usability evaluation in the "Why Johnny Can't Opt Out" paper was conducted in the summer of 2011. Perhaps the usability of these tools has changed since 2011; perhaps it hasn't. Download and install the latest version of Ghostery and visit the DAA opt-out page.

Perform an expert-based review, such as a cognitive walkthrough, of three tools: Ghostery browser extension, Ghostery mobile browser, and the DAA opt-out page. Please read Section 10.3.1 of the Lazar et al. "Research Methods" text for background on these types of reviews. Create a table listing and briefly explaining the usability problems you identify. (Make sure you indicate which platform and version of the tools you reviewed.)

Write 1 paragraph for each tool describing what you think are the usability strengths and weaknesses. Write 1 paragraph comparing the usability of the three tools. (So that's 4 paragraphs total).

Compare the strengths and weaknesses you found to those listed for those tools in Table 1 of the "Why Johnny Can't Opt Out" paper. How have things changed? (The mobile browser was not previously reviewed so you won't be able to compare that one.)

Part 2 (9-unit students should not do this part. 12-unit students will receive between 0 and 30 points for this part): Write a 3--7 sentence summary and short "highlight" for one optional reading assigned for the April 5 and April 10 classes.