8-533 / 8-733 / 19-608 / 95-818: Privacy Policy, Law, and Technology

Homework 2 - due September 16, 2010

Don't forget to properly cite all sources (including assigned readings) and include a bibliography with all homework assignments.

Reading assignment: September 7-16 readings

1. Write a short summary of each of the required readings excluding the PRC, AICPA, and APEC readings on Sept 7 (3-7 sentences each). Graduate students should also read and write a summary of one optional reading paper. After each summary (in a separate paragraph) provide a "highlight" for that chapter. This can be something new you learned that you found particularly interesting, a point you would like to discuss further in class, a question the chapter did not fully answer, something you found confusing, a point you disagree with, or anything else you found noteworthy. [25 points]

2. Describe the privacy principles you read about. What is the purpose of privacy principles? Compare and contrast the principles you read about. [25 points]

3. Pick a technology that causes privacy concerns. [25 points]

4. Research a self-regulatory privacy program, set of privacy principles, or privacy law. Your research should include both reviewing the program's web site and searching for relevant news articles, endorsements, criticism, etc. Please include the relevant citations in your write-up and add the sources to your bibliography. [25 points]

You will be assigned a program or law to research in class from one of the following (or one that you suggest):