8-533 / 8-733 / 19-608: Privacy Policy, Law, and Technology

Poster Fair

You are invited to attend the 8-733/8-533/19-608 Privacy Policy, Law and Technology Poster Fair

Tuesday, December 4, 2007
10:30-11:50 am
NSH 3002

Come talk to my students about their almost-complete final projects and give them feedback that they can use as they finish their projects. For more information about the course see http://cups.cs.cmu.edu/courses/privpolawtech.html

The following projects will be presented:

Design of a Privacy Label for P3P Policies
Patrick Gage Kelley and Seshadri Iyer

Porting Privacy Bird to Firefox
Will Haines, Guillermo Marinero, and Steve Novick

FoxBeacon: Web Bug Detector for Implementing P3P Compact Policy for Mozilla Firefox
Chaiyong Ragkhitwetsagul

WebChaff: Chaff Generation for Confidentiality of Instant Messenger Conversations
Faraz Shaikh

Helping University Faculty and Staff Find and Remove Sensitive Private Data from their Mac OS X-based Computers - Visual Spider
Jaanus Kase

International Privacy Laws: A Study from the Perspective of a Country's History, Political Climate, and Societal Norms
Candice Jang

The Costs of Privacy
Loreto Saavedra