8-533 / 8-733 / 19-608 / 95-818: Privacy Policy, Law, and Technology

Homework 2 - due September 24, 2013

Don't forget to properly cite all sources (including assigned readings) and include a bibliography with all homework assignments.

Reading assignment: September 12-24 readings

1. [25 points] Write a short summary of each of the required readings (3-7 sentences each - do not exceed 7 sentences!). 12-unit students: also read and write a summary of one optional reading paper. After each summary (in a separate paragraph) provide a "highlight" for that chapter. This can be something new you learned that you found particularly interesting, a point you would like to discuss further in class, a question the chapter did not fully answer, something you found confusing, a point you disagree with, or anything else you found noteworthy.

2. [25 points] Pick a technology that causes privacy concerns (not the technology you wrote about for homework 1).

3. [25 points] Read about a a privacy-related class action lawsuit, privacy-related FTC enforcement action, or a privacy-related enforcement action from a another regulator (e.g. state attorney general, national privacy commissioner).

4. [25 points] Pick a country other than the U.S. If you have lived outside the U.S., a country you have spent a lot of time in would be a good choice. If you haven't spent much time outside the U.S., pick a country that nobody in our class is from and for which you are able to find information related to the following points.