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SOUPS 2011 Begins!

SOUPS 2011 has gotten underway this morning with a workshop, a symposium, and a tutorial.

The Workshop on Usable Security Indicator Conventions began with a round of lightning talks to bring together the history of standardization efforts as well as current interests and thoughts on security indicators.

The 8th International Symposium on Visualization for Cyber Security (VizSec2011) also takes place today, beginning with a keynote by Lorrie Faith Cranor, followed by a series of six technical papers.

And finally there are two tutorials today, the morning tutorial is presented by Simson Garfinkel on Working with Computer Forensics Data and the afternoon tutorial is presented by Sonia Chiasson and Robert Biddle on Experiment Design and Quantitative Methods for Usable Security Research.

Anyone with notes should feel free to post them here, tag pictures with soups11, or tweet with the hashtag #soups11. And we will be continuing to post to this space.