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Challenges in Supporting End-User Privacy and Security Management with Social Navigation


The author presented two social navigation systems intended to assist users with privacy and security decisions by showing them the solutions others used. He then discussed the various issues that arose from using these systems.

Audience questions:

  • You had a small number of users so there were a very small number of experts? Other work I have done suggest that experts are not well appreciated. People trust the community at large more assuming that their motives are more pure. If experts are to be used in the system they may need to state their credentials to explain why they should be considered experts.
  • How did you define your experts? We leveraged previous work that said that experts have both breadth and depth. We selected users who had lots of experience with these systems and had breadth and depth.
  • Could other users see who had said that something had helped them? The issue of annonomys and identified information. Users tend to latch on to information that they agree with and ignore things they disagree with. For example people latch on to movie critics who they tend to agree with.